What is Plagiarism? What is Plagiarism Checker?

In the academic world, the crime of using an already existing work and giving it one's name is called Plagiarism and it can be intentional or unintentional, in both forms, it makes an individual ineligible in completing an assigned task. Intentional duplication occurs when an individual purposely uses someone's work to do something. In this scenario, the accused person is mostly unaware of the severity of its result. Hence, lack of information makes him use someone's work that later on puts him into big trouble. Unintentional copied content mostly happens when a person copies some text into his own written material and by mistake leaves it unchanged. Duplication may also occur if someone forgets to use quotation marks with the quotes or if some text is used without proper referencing. All these lead to the occurrence of copy-paste and if get caught puts a person in big trouble. Hence, it is advisable to avoid it by preparing your work by yourself. After all, the main purpose of your assigned task is to assess your capabilities. By using the plagiarised material, one student fails to fulfill the requirement of appearing and succeeding in an exam or an employee proves himself to be ineligible to carry out the desired task.

Then the question arises, how to check plagiarism? In the old days, facilities were less and people used to pay money if they had to use a plagiarism detector service. Nowadays, there is so many softwares a person can use. The most accessible of all the forms is online plagiarism checker free to use. This tool will compare each word of your work with already existing text on the Web. After comparing the texts, it provides a complete a report that includes information that which parts of your paper are copied and from which website they have been taken.